The program was created to:

  • Create a support group to assist in building girl's self esteem;
  • Bring awareness to how the girls are different and also alike;
  • Address cultural identity issue as it relates to mainstream (i.e. Barbie Doll standard);
  • Preparing girls for the real world as it pertains to relationships, skill sets, techniques and theories;
  • Help girls grow to be secure in their identities, self loving and socially conscious.


​Once a month

The same kind of different


​Meetings and Activities are held a different venues in Southern California


Meetings are held to:

  • Give the girls a forum to talk to other girls with commonalities where they are encouraged to discuss  their feelings associated with their perception of self image and to share experiences;
  • Bring older girls / women to talk to the girls about their past experience as a younger girl to shed some light and give our young girls someone to relate to;
  • Bring in educational presenters to speak with girls AND their mothers/caregivers to discuss hair care, skin care, make up, holidays, religions, racism, crushes, conflict / arguments, role models, etiquette, domestic issues, etc.
  • Give members the opportunity to participate in charitable and philanthropic activities by providing service to other organizations.


Members are between 6 – 16 years of age.  Swirls for Girls is the answer for girls that are interested in learning about cultural diversity, discussing topics not learned at school, creating friendships and listening to stories from girls / women girls just like them.
We accept applications for girls 17 – 24 years of age.  Junior mentors are typically girls who have already experienced similar life situations that our Swirls Girls are experiencing (or will experience). They share their own stories and even advise our members (girls, moms/caregivers) on how to deal with a situation.
We accept applications for women 24 years and older.  Mentors would essentially be assisting the members the same way a junior mentor would.

This is another area Swirls for Girls is unique.  Parents/Caregivers can attend the meeting to learn what is being taught to our girls.  The adults are usually in one room and the girls in another. Discussions between adults are very candid.   Adults are able to ask questions and also contribute to discussions with their own opinions and share stories as well as concerns.