Girls are amazing! But at times girls feel like nobody understands them. For example,

  • They don't look like the other girls
  • They have cultural traditions that their friends don't practice
  • They are interested in things that some aren't

Girls feel like they have to fit in and do what everybody else is doing.  In many cases that is difficult because everyone comes from a different background or have other interests than what seems to be their perception of the norm. That's some heavy stuff for a girl.

Swirls for Girls was created to encourage variety and tolerance for all different flavors of physical attributes, ethnicities, cultures, religions, interests and so much more.  We strive to teach girls that they are the same kind of different.  Individualtiy is a sense of expression.  We want them to be awkward and imperfect because that is natural.  That is what is real. Girls don't have to be different. They don't even  have to be the same.  BE YOU.

The same kind of different

Swirls for Girls

embraces IDENTITY

Let our lens tell our story...

Swirls for Girls is an organization  that brings girls of all flavors together to support and inspire each other